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Jing Xiang Hua Nong B&B

POSTED ON: 2018-03-08 08:18:07

So this entire post will be dedicated to the minsu that my family and I stayed at on the fourth and fifth night of our trip to Taiwan. As I mentioned in my previous post, (Day 4), our tour driver dropped us off at this minsu after our one-day trip to Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen. I really wanted the homestay experience because I have heard and read so much about it. So ,I made it a point to arrange for all of us to stay in a minsu just for the experience. :D

 There are many many minsu listings in Yilan but most of the minsu websites are in Chinese and it might not be that easy to find unless you are familiar with Chinese. I booked this minsu through because my Chinese isn't great and because it was convenient .hehehe. We stayed here for two nights at TWD 5600 which is about 730 ringgit. I don't think that its very costly in comparison to many of the other homestays in Yilan, maybe at the mid-price range? So, if you are interested, you can check this minsu out here

The minsu is called Jing Xiang Hua Nong and in English it's called the Flower Street homestay/bnb. The reviews on for this minsu are very positive and breakfast is provided for all the guests. Here's the address and contact number;

Address:  No. 568, Kelin Road, 269 Luodong, Taiwan
Contact number : +8869375122602

So, Imma spam pics of the minsu just to give you a better idea of what it's like. I have not seen many blog reviews on this minsu but I was very happy with this place so I thought it deserved a good review here. :D

Here's what the minsu looks like from the outside.




The bicycle shed. You can borrow the bikes here to get around if you feel like it.

Looking out from the main entrance of the minsu. 


See the opened door? That's our room. It's not at the main house. I think the owner must have designed and built a few additional rooms behind the main house to accommodate more guests. 


Nice little garden space.


So now inside the room. See the TV? That's Tangled showing on the tele. hehehe... They provided towels and toiletries (on that little table in just below the tv). There's also a hair dryer next to the mirror. The room is very spacious and very very clean!! Mummy and i had more than enough space to workout in the room. We were feeling guilty for eating so much throughout the day. hahaha...


As you can see here, our room accommodates 4 persons with two double beds. The rooms are really well lit, the decor is pretty modern and each room has its own theme. I'm not sure what the theme of our room was but it didn't matter. It was comfortable, clean and spacious, so no complaints here ;)




There's a bath in our room but we did not use it. 



The dining area where all guests have their breakfast. Their homemade soy bean milk is REALLY GOOD!!!! Breakfast was pretty good. Our host served porridge with quite a few side dishes, some buns, coffee and tea. With the cold weather, warm breakfasts were a real plus. 


Living area



This looks like another minsu to me and it's within walking distance to ours. Just so you know, the houses here do not look similar to each other. I think the owners probably bought the land and just built individual houses with their own designs? That's probably why they rarely look alike. And these houses are pretty big too. 


Another minsu maybe?


Outside our room


We actually had quite a bit of fun riding bikes just around the compound of the minsu. I had not gotten on a bike in a really long time( 15 years I think.. LOL) so i kind of forgot how to ride one. I can now of course. So ya. Learnt to ride a bike on this trip :P. 


See that large 'pond' on the right side of this pic? It's not actually a pond. It's for paddy planting I think. I don't know who it belongs to but it was winter so no paddy planting at that time. There is really a lot of free space in the compound so you could just chill out and breath in the fresh air. 


I think its safe to say that my family and I really like this minsu. To me, it was worth the price and the facilities were very good. More importantly, the room was clean and the beds were super comfy :).Our host was a very nice lady by the name of Ms Lin. Very polite and very helpful. She did not mind that we arrived pretty late into the night and made sure that we had everything we needed throughout our stay. She even helped us to arrange for another tour driver to bring us around Yilan county (which I will post about in the next post) and also to send us to the airport the next day. 

So basically, I definitely recommend this minsu. It was reasonably priced, and I am sure that you will enjoy your stay here as much my family and I did. Bye for now!