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Taiwan Day 3 - Tamsui Old Street and Ximending

POSTED ON: 2018-03-08 09:07:46

p>So day 3 - Tamsui Old Street and Ximending

We slept in a little. Woke up and only left at around 10.30am. :P.. Oh I forgot to mention in my previous post. When we reached Taoyuan, the first thing we did before heading for a cab was to purchase a sim card. 
We bought the 5 day package from Taiwan Mobile for TWD 300. The air time for this package was very limited (I think I only managed to call the Airbnb host for no more than 5 minutes before i ran out of credit...hahahaha) but internet usage was unlimited which was all we needed to get around.  
Tamsui Old Street is very accessible and easy to get to. We only needed to walk to the metro (Jiantan Station) and took it to Tamsui station which is one of the terminal stations for the red line. 

There are signs and posts at Tamsui station which directs you towards the street and when you exit the station. There is a McD just outside the station and if you look around and see a Starbucks post, Tamsui Old street is right there, you will not miss it. :)


Me and Glenn in the MRT. Isn't he the cutest? He's grown so much taller this past year!! Pretty sure he's gonna be taller than me soon. :D

It was drizzling again. But the view was still beautiful. It looks a little overexposed here but that's just my phone camera's  doing. It was actually very cloudy but the air smelled fresh and you could also smell the sea 


Glenn is really good with silly faces.. XD.. Case in point. hahahaha.

I hope you don't mind one selfie here :P

There were many street food  shops and stalls so if you like chicken sausages, fries squid, handmade potato ship spirals, do go there with an empty stomach.

Turkish Ice cream. I saw this in China as well. The seller does a little 'performance' for you to sorta make you 'work' for your ice-cream. Don't worry, no hard labour involved. :)

There was this quaint little coffee place at hidden in an alley at the end of the street. It's called Luna Coffee and Tea.COFFEE!!!!  Had to get our caffeine fix so we stopped there just to rest for a bit. 
Sidetrack a little, I have to tell you that Taiwanese are really such polite, courteous, well-mannered people. Comparatively to people in China, most Taiwanese are very very nice people so this made the holiday so much more pleasant, so much more relaxing. 

There's the barista. Very pleasant and polite fellow. Kinda cute too :P

Local Taiwan tea shop. The tea was sweet.. I didn't expect that.. They had many flavours. Bird's nest, ginger, red dates, and so on. Not bad.

More food.. XD

A shop that sells some local pastries. Just take note that the pastries here have no preservatives so they don't last more than 1 week. If you're thinking of buying them as souvenirs, maybe just do so a couple days before you leave Taiwan.

We stopped at a McD to warm ourselves up and for a toilet break. The lighting in that McD was nice. Must SELFIE! :D I think the camera on my Hongmi Note is pretty good.. all the pictures in this post are from my phone. 

There was a small museum along this street. Totally unexpected. If I'm not wrong it is called the Believe it or Not Curiosity Museum (淡水信不信由你博物馆). There is an entrance fee of TWD80 and my parents were not keen to go in so we did not. Some of the displays were placed at the entranceof the museum and they were pretty quirky.

 Ok, that frog was pretty big.. It's not a's a frog. a pretty big frog.hahaha..Just for comparisons. you can see that its much bigger than that dollar note at the bottom. I forgot the currency of the note there but it's about the size of our 5 ringgit note I think? So ya, big frog. I'm not sure if the lobster pincer next to it was for comparisons or it was a separate exhibition piece  but ya.. there you go. hahahaha..

I am not very sure what this one is but it looks like a mixture of a piglet with a horn on its forehead and another horn as a nose??? The description is there but unfortunately, I'm not good with traditional Chinese words so I couldn't really read it? Maybe you could tell me what it says? ;)

Next up, Ximending. All of us were pretty tired after spending half the day at Tamsui so we didn't really spend much time at Ximending. And when i say we didnt spend much time i think we were only there for half an hour or so before leaving. So unfortunately there isn't much that I have to post here. Hopefully if i get the chance to go again, then I will update this post for you all.



Took the metro back to Jiantan and headed to the Shilin Night Market one last time. This time, we went to the underground food court. The crowd in there was INSANE!!!! Complete madness! I would suggest, go early if possible, it opens at 11am and closese a

I think I speak for the rest of my family members when i say that our experience with the food in here was subpar. Very underwhelming. Not very sure if its because we were picky with the food or what but frankly, Malaysian food is sooooooo much better. 

Got more Hot Star fried chicken for Glenn and daddy.. hahaha. I think that was the highlight of the night market for them. For me, it was the bittergourd honey juice. You can get it from most juice stalls in the night market. Be careful though. the quality of the juice differs between sellers. 

I think that's all that I have for this post. I would have liked to share more. Still figuring out how to present these things more interestingly. hahaha. I welcome your comments and feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will answer them as best I can. ;) Tata for now!!

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