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Taiwan Day 5 - Yilan County

POSTED ON: 2018-03-08 08:18:05

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!!!!!!!! :D Starting off with a pic of our minsu in Luodong, Yilan. Isn't it modern looking? And the compound is really big too. I talked about it in my previous post which you can check out here

So now we are on to the 5th Day of the Taiwan trip! Click here for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. 

Yilan is Northeast of Taiwan and we 
 hired another tour driver with help from our Minsu host, Ms. Lin. If you do plan to stay at Jing Xiang Hua Nong, rest assured, you won't have to worry about not being able to get around Yilan with Ms. Lin around. If I remember correctly, this tour driver charged us TWD 3000 for a one day trip around Yilan. The places we went to were of our choosing but our driver also made several recommendations along the way. Unfortunately, it rained again throughout the day so many of our stops were indoors.

First stop.. the Luodong National Center for Traditional Arts. Saw this unique looking shelf?? And just wanted to sit down. Personally, I'm not a big fan of museums and exhibition centers especially for a holiday, but since it was drizzling throughout the day, we didn't really have much of a choice.


There are some interesting exhibits in this center. Look out for a sculpture made of gold, silver and bronze in one of the exhibition rooms. We weren't allowed to take pictures so unfortunately I can't show it to you here. 

Next up! Yilan Ranch (宜农牧羊场). I wasn't expecting to visit an animal farm on this trip so it was a  pretty pleasant surprise.

Visitors get to feed these little piglets. They're bottle fed with milk bu  I think they don't get enough to drink, You can see here that they're scrambling for their chance at that one bottle of milk. 

They are so cute! Especially the small ones .


You can feed the goats too but I think you have to pay for one bunch of those leafy greens. I think it was TWD10 for each bunch.



At the Kavalan Distillery. It's a whiskey distillery so if any of you are interested you could go check it out. 


When you step into the distillery, the first thing you will notice is the sweet alcoholic aroma that has permeated every corner of the room. It's actually smells quite pleasant.

Oak barrels

Whiskey tasting. I'm not a big fan of whiskey but....Bottoms up! :D. 

Next up, the Sanzhai Monster Village. Don't worry, no actual monsters were on site except for these cardboard prints and a gigantic figurine in one of the bakeries there.  This place sells local pastries, cakes and desserts that you can purchase as souvenirs for friends and family. 


The pastries are made and packaged on the spot so you can actually see how they're made from start to finish. 

They put out generous amounts of samples for you to try them out too so you get to decide if you like it or not before buying anything. Just take note that since there are no preservatives in these pastries, they won't last long from the day of purchase. Maybe only a week or so?

We actually dropped by at Wufengchi waterfall but we decided not to hike up because the rain was just a little bit too heavy. Nonetheless, if you do travel to Yilan and the weather is good I think it would be worth the visit.

image taken from

We also went to the Jiaoxi hot spring but again.. it was raining so we didn't get to soak our feet in the public area. We weren't adventurous enough for the public baths so oh well..If I do get to go back to Yilan again, I will make it a point to definitely try one out. 

Overall it was another relaxing day in Taiwan. We took our time, didn't rush about and just really enjoyed the cool albeit wet weather. I think that those of you who are planning to visit Yilan, you will really enjoy the fresh air, the slower pace of life and just get to really chill out. I definitely recommend going there even if it's just for a one day trip. 

I think that's it. We left Taiwan the next day, and Ms. Lin arranged for another driver to bring us from our minsu all the way to Taoyuan airport. The fare was TWD2000 which was a lot cheaper than I expected. We stopped at the airport food court to grab dinner before our midnight flight. Food was not bad. Reasonably priced too. :)




Bye Bye Taiwan!! It was fun while it lasted. I hope I'll get the chance to go back again in the future. I feel like there are till alot of things that I could have done which I didnt get to do this time around. Till then. Au revoir! :P